Why Interior staterooms are the best deal at sea

Don’t let that missing window influence your choice about an Interior stateroom. Here’s why this budget-friendly option might be made for you.

Interior room

When booking their cruise with Carnival, many people may not consider an Interior stateroom, but there are good reasons why you shouldn’t dismiss this option out of hand.

As you sail off on a worry-free holiday that immerses you in exciting new destinations, you might find an Interior stateroom has its advantages.

Here are just a few…

Value for money

These are Carnival’s most affordable staterooms, so if you’re after fun in the sun without breaking the budget, then an Interior room is the way to go. After all, a cruise isn’t about your room. It’s about wonderful destinations. It’s about relaxing in the Cloud 9 Spa, enjoying restaurant dining, jumping into the nightlife, having endless fun with the onboard activities and taking in the evening entertainment. (And just think: the money you save could go towards your next fabulous family cruise.)

Take comfort

Okay, Interior staterooms are the best value on a Carnival cruise, but don’t assume that means making sacrifices. Yes, you’ll miss out on a window but Interior staterooms don’t cut corners on comfort. They include all the amenities you’d expect from a hotel room or any other stateroom on the ship, such as a full ensuite bathroom, desk/table area, air-conditioning, flat-screen television, safe and ample storage space. You get the same pampering, too: a dedicated room steward, bathrobes on request, and soft linens from the Carnival Comfort Collection.

Family friendly

Most people imagine Interior staterooms are cramped, but that simply isn’t true. They also come in several configurations to suit different sizes of family. Some Interior staterooms sleep four and have bunkbeds the kids will love, especially if they don’t have them at home. Some are interconnecting, offering great flexibility for larger families or if you’re travelling in a group.

Beyond the room

If you’re sociable and energetic, then ask yourself how much time you’ll really spend in your stateroom rather than enjoying all the ship’s amenities and the holiday experience ashore. Why spend money on a bigger space or balcony if your stateroom is only for sleeping in? What’s more, the money you save can be spent elsewhere: think shore excursions, shopping, speciality dining and cocktails.

Sleep soundly

Talking of sleep, a stateroom without a window provides a cocoon in which you’ll find yourself (and your kids) having a great night’s rest. And who doesn’t want quality shuteye while on holiday? Want lots of natural light? Then you have the whole ship to enjoy. Get up on deck as you sail into scenic harbours. Kick back on a pool lounger. Enjoy a sunset cocktail. Just because you’re in an Interior room doesn’t mean you’re missing out. And that’s exactly the way a holiday should be.