Three easy ways to create the ultimate family holiday

New places and experiences, pool time and fabulous food … just some of the things parents believe make for a perfect break for their kids. Here’s how to embrace them all on a Carnival cruise.

Mystery Island, Carnival Cruise Line
Carnival Cruise Line, Mystery Island

It’s every parent’s dream to pick a holiday that not only ticks all their boxes, but suits the kids down to the ground, too. In a recent study conducted by Carnival Cruise Line, parents outlined three key things that they think makes a perfect family break.

Read on to find out what they are…

New places and experiences

While mums and dads are excited about seeing and discovering new places – with two-thirds (67 per cent) of parents saying this was top of their holiday list – they believe their kids are equally enthusiastic.

When you’re on a Carnival cruise, you’re perfectly positioned to make new discoveries: after all, you’ll wake up to a new view and explore a fresh destination most days.

Imagine waving goodbye to the pearly sails of the Sydney Opera House one morning, and cruising across the Pacific Ocean to be welcomed into the natural drama of New Zealand’s Fiordland National Park three days later. This is a place where waterfalls tumble from steep cliffs, and dolphins keep you company in the ship’s wake.

Or picture the prospect of ogling pristine blue waters while cruising the South Pacific from Brisbane, stopping to snorkel around Lifou in New Caledonia, or diving in and discovering Vanuatu’s hidden shipwrecks.

It’s not just new places that parents believe their kids want: new experiences were also high on their list. These are the life-changing lessons about the environment, culture and community that your kids simply can’t learn from behind a school desk.

Water-based fun

Unsurprisingly, when you’re on a Carnival cruise, many of the best experiences involve water, whether you’re aboard your ship or moored at a tropical island, exploring the surrounding sea in mask and flippers.

This makes a cruise the ideal choice for the 40 per cent of parents who say their kids have most fun on holiday when they’re zipping down a water-slide or splashing about in a pool.

Step aboard Carnival Splendor or Carnival Spirit and let the little ones tackle the Green Lightning or Green Thunder water-slides, which feature free-fall drops, slingshot curves, and the kind of twists and turns that will have them coming back for more. Much more.

Splendor - Carnival Cruise Line, water-slide
Water-slides, Splendor

Favourite foods

For parents, the prospect of not having to cook or clean is a major reason for booking a family holiday, with almost half of respondents putting this top of the list. Kids enjoy the culinary change of pace, as well, with some 42 per cent of mums and dads saying their children love getting away so they can eat their favourite foods.

When it’s time to dig in on Carnival Splendor or Carnival Spirit, your taste makers can journey from Italy to India, America to Mongolia, such is the diversity of culinary offerings. Is there a kid who doesn’t love pizza and burgers, or fudge and ice-cream… the latter available around the clock at Swirls? Midnight snack, anyone?

Pizza making class, Carnival Cruise Line
Kids Pasta making class