Let your tastebuds travel with Carnival’s global cuisine

Forget what you know about dining at sea: Carnival Cruise Line Australia now offers a huge range of food from around the world.

From Mexican tortillas to miso soup and margherita pizzas, the dining options aboard Carnival’s Australian-based ships embrace some of the world’s hottest food trends. Although passengers have the option of indulging in international cuisine at high-end dining experiences like Nouveau Restaurant and The Chef’s Table, it’s just as luxurious to sit by a window with a glorious view of the ocean, watching the afternoon unfold over a cold Asahi beer and tempura roll. Here’s a roll call of the global food you can try on board…

Mexico’s tumultuous history is reflected in its cuisine, with native foods such as corn, beans, squash, chocolate and chillies married with the Spanish contribution of meat, rice and wheat. One of the hallmarks of Mexican cuisine is the tortilla, which you can watch being made from scratch on Carnival. Start with a few of these unleavened flatbreads at the all-inclusive BlueIguana Cantina^ and then build your own burrito with Tex-Mex-inspired ingredients: chicken, guacamole, refried beans, coriander lime rice, sauteed onion and charred green peppers. Finally, top with a little scorching hot salsa roja. Muy bueno!



As well as being incredibly delicate, clean and elegant, Japanese cuisine is always plated up to emphasise the exquisite colour and beauty of food. This attention to detail is evident at Bonsai Sushi*, where the chef’s special Bento Box features an artfully arranged bounty of salad and sushi. All the essential Japanese flavours are on show here – soy sauce, shiso, mirin, miso, dashi and bonito – in dishes such as tuna and mango tartare, slow-braised Wagyu short ribs and a cold noodle salad.




American food has a lot of swagger, with influences from countries such as Africa, France, Spain, Ireland, Italy and Holland all helping to shape the nation’s cuisine. Fat Jimmy’s C-Side BBQ^ – famed for its grilled cheese kransky – is a great example of the new wave of street food-inspired US eateries on board Carnival Spirit (the Black Angus sausages are also pretty heavenly). Then there’s Guy’s Burger Joint^, which exists as a sort of shrine to the humble hamburger. Spicy onion rings and “jacked-up secret sauce” add a little more American flavour, too.

Guys Burger Bar


At the 24/7 all-inclusive Pizza Pirate, the chefs have plundered traditions from around the world to curate a menu that includes everything from a classic margherita to a Hawaiian replete with pineapple. The quattro formaggi, which arrives under a thick blanket of cheese, will soothe the soul. Expect a more sophisticated Italian fare at The Chef’s Table* and Nouveau*: think beef carpaccio with chocolate bacon and apple ribbons, mushroom cappuccino with truffle oil, and sun-ripened beef steak tomato with gorgonzola crumbles.

pizza pirate


*Charges Apply
^Onboard Carnival Spirit only