Five ways cruising brings families together


Everyday stresses can make family members feel like strangers. There’s the morning rush to get out the door followed by evening obligations such as homework and extra-curricular activities. Then weekends just seem to fly by, with everyone doing their own thing. A cruising holiday, even a short one, is a great way to rediscover the fun in family life.

Here are five ways cruising can bring your family closer together.

  1. The choice is yours

Choose not just an itinerary but also the ship that best suits your family. Got children? Look for a ship with a kids club and activities for kids of different age groups, spanning ages 2-11. Got teenagers? Carnival offers unique teens-only activities and parties. You’ll also find a variety of activities to match your kids’ interests. Happy kids mean happy holidays after all. And if the adults want some time ashore, the kids club remains open if some in the family want to stay and play onboard.


  1. The family that eats together

If your kitchen is like a 24-hour diner where everyone eats at different times, or your family tends to disengage in front of the TV during meal times, rediscover the joys of eating together. And the food! There’s something for everyone: spicy, sushi, burgers – you name it. And no cleaning up means time for an evening swim together, a walk around the deck, playing a game or seeing a show.


  1. Bring the whole tribe

Invite the grandparents along for precious time with the kids, and create happy memories of everyone enjoying family life. There’s plenty of space, plenty to do and, should you need it, places to retreat to. Book a family stateroom or suite – Carnival offers some that sleep four. Or try interconnected rooms so everyone’s got their own little slice of holiday heaven and time together is easily achieved.

Couple snorkeling

  1. Get involved

Their family ships feature amazing entertainment for all ages, from the incredible Green Thunder, the steepest and fastest waterslide at sea (on Carnival Spirit and Carnival Legend) – for the daredevil in you. Plus, there’s slippery sliding fun for everyone at the onboard water park. Head to a pool for volleyball, or up to the top deck for a round of mini-golf.  Enjoy a Broadway-style show, live family comedy or movie together – but first, stop by Carnival’s kaleidoscopic Cherry on Top lolly shop for an eye-popping choice of confectionery. Most importantly, laugh together.

yellow waterslide child

  1. See the world

Whether accompanying your kids ashore at an exotic port to experience new cultures and see different ways of life or taking them to a dazzling Broadway-style show onboard, expanding their horizons with travel is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give a child. This togetherness will leave you with lasting memories, great conversation starters, and stories to tell for years to come.

A cruise is unique in that you can move seamlessly between places and experiences. You only need to unpack once, completely removing the stress of daily travel. Each part of the family also gets time to themselves with kids club activities scheduled throughout the day, meaning mum and dad can get some peace if they want it. Set costs are offered (no surprises!) and ease of currency exchange. Our excursions desk will do the organising for you; there’s no need to lug your luggage around; and safety concerns are minimal.

The whole family will be free to relax and enjoy – and that’s priceless.