Five ways cruises bring couples together

Whoever said romance was dead clearly hadn’t been on a cruise. Long, lazy days on the ocean, tropical islands, exotic ports and endless nights of amazing food, wine, dancing and entertainment. For couples looking to reconnect and rekindle, cruising is a brilliant option. Not only does a cruise offer all the ingredients of a perfect romantic holiday, it can also be great value.

But these are just the broad brush strokes. Here are five ways cruising brings couples together that you may not have considered:

Just have fun

How about reliving your youth when the two of you had nothing to think about but love and excitement? Dare each other to take on Green Thunder, the steepest waterslide at sea, freefalling and swooping around curves at up to 65 kilometres an hour. Both Carnival Legend and Carnival Spirit offer this thrill.


Challenge each other to a game of mini-golf on the tricky courses on these ships. And since it’s just a game, the winner shouts cocktails by the pool.

A big night out

Too exhausted by life, work and the kids to think about date nights? Cruising has it covered. Even if the kids are with you, it’s easy to organise childcare, step out of your stateroom and be seated in a world-class, fine-dining restaurant in mere minutes – no designated driver necessary. After dinner, it’s a casual stroll to the casino, cocktail bar, Piano Bar, Punchliner Comedy club or dance floor – no safety concerns, no taxi queues, no long walks in high heels.

Not only that, but no eye-watering, unexpected bills to ruin the moment: most meals on cruises are included; premium restaurants offer a set and a surprisingly reasonable rate.

Time for two

Go on, order in. You two deserve it. Some champagne on ice, room service and a table for two on your balcony with a view to die for – uninterrupted ocean, dramatic sunsets and time to talk. Really talk.


A spirit of adventure

Remember the excitement of navigating new places and languages when you first went overseas? Share new experiences in exotic ports of call. There’s nothing like trotting out your high school French in a hidden local crêpe restaurant with sparkling aqua coastal vistas in New Caledonia to bring back a sense of adventure. Say “bonjour” to romance as only the French know how in Noumea, or “bula” to a spectacular sunrise in Fiji. Little moments make big memories, and Carnival’s South Pacific cruises are just the start.

Relax and reconnect

It’s all too easy to lose track of yourself, let alone your other half, when life is busy and work is demanding. Onboard a cruise, you can indulge in all your interests: Carnival’s program of activities has many options to choose from.

If you’re feeling adventurous, check out a mixology class where you can learn to make classic martinis, indulge in some line dancing in The Atrium, take in a show or test your wits with trivia.

Or just relax together. Lie by the pool. Head to the spa for a couple’s massage.  Take the time to see each other anew. Before long you’ll be smiling at each other in a way you may have forgotten. That’s a precious reward – and all you had to do was book a holiday. The right kind.