10 Things You Never Knew You Needed To Pack for a Carnival cruise


A little while ago we asked our seasoned Carnival cruisers the following question: what are the things you never knew you needed to pack for a cruise?

The response was overwhelming, with tips coming thick and fast. Finally, we managed to sort through the mountain of expert advice to deliver you our top 10 clever things you never knew you needed. Read on for the full rundown.

  1. A travel clothesline (Michelle N.) – perfect for hanging a wet bathing suit or towel to dry, it also fits neatly in your luggage when packed away.
  1. Reef shoes (Kerri G.) – when you’re hopping from sea to shore and everywhere in between, it’s best to have a pair of shoes that can tackle both wet and dry, while offering protection. Remember – it’s about substance, not style.

Couple snorkeling

  1. A travel mug (Sharon M.) – great for making a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate that you can take wherever you please.
  1. Pop-up clothes hamper (Jessica W.) – for when you can’t distinguish your stateroom floor from your clothes.
  1. A jumper/cardigan (Jason C.) – a simple and easy addition to your holiday wardrobe for when the wind blows slightly cooler on the top deck.
  1. Post-it notes (Chrissy A.) – when everyone’s in cruise mode, it can be difficult to keep track of their movements. A simple post-it left on your mirror or stateroom door can let others know where and when you’ll be.

orange sarong on the beach

  1. A sarong (Sharon C.) – it can be thrown over a deck chair, worn to the pool, used as a scarf, and great for fancy dress.
  1. Small denomination currency – very helpful when doing a bit of onshore shopping on the islands, whether you’re buying souvenirs for family back home or just some light food and drink in between exploring your surroundings.
  1. Backpack for island daytrips (Yolande S.) – rather than lugging around everything in your pockets, a small backpack is the perfect way to carry all the essentials for an island day trip, while keeping your hands free for taking photos.

New calendonia

  1. Underwater camera (Kylee J.) – At some of the destinations that Carnival visit, there’s just as much scenery under the water as above it. Capture brilliantly coloured fish, vast coral fields, or just a family member or friend making a goofy face under the sea.