Top 7 Fun Family Holiday Things To Do in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is a great place to gather learning experiences for small visitors. Take your kids to the local food markets and let them taste the exotic fresh fruit of the island. By visiting the traditional villages they can meet the local kids and gain an understanding of a different culture.


1. Eden on the River
Located 17 km from Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu, on the island of Efate, the “Eden Experience” offers people of all ages a sustainable eco-experience that is both educational and extremely enjoyable. You can spend the whole day strolling around the tropical gardens, take a tour over the suspension bridges and on the zip lines, have a dip in the calm river or go snorkelling.

2. Ekasup Cultural village:
Ekasup Village is located approximately 5 Km from Port Vila and is famous for its wonderful cultural day tours and delicious traditional feast nights. 100 per cent locally owned and operated, a visit gives families a genuine Vanuatu experience, as the locals share their customs, traditional knowledge and culture with you.

3. Getting wet!
The safe, sheltered waters of Port Vila’s lagoons are perfect for kids, who’ll love snorkelling, and kayaking. Kayaking Vanuatu can pick you up from your hotel, and take you to the nearby Mele Bay. Here you can paddle your own glass bottom kayak, snorkel at your leisure, and get up-close with the amazing colourful coral gardens and tropical fish life. Minimum age for children is 6 years.
4. Hydro Zorbing at Wet’n’Wild
Have a blast at Wet’n’Wild with an inflatable water park, water walking balls, and jet boat tow behinds. However the true attraction is hydro zorbing, which sees you roll down the picturesque Mele hills inside a 2.5m giant inflatable hydro ball! Minimum age is 5 years.

5. Horse Riding
See the sights of Port Vila by horseback. You can choose from a rainforest ride, waterfall ride, or enjoy a magnificent sunset ride.

6. Jungle zip-line
Soar through the jungle canopy and experience a fantastic buzz while on six zip-lines and two suspension bridges. Zip platform to platform high in the trees and enjoy breathtaking views overlooking the ridgeline down to Mele Bay. Wobble across the suspension bridge and fly across our 80 metre canyon and back over the top of the seasonal waterfall.

7. Snorkel off Hideaway Island and visit Underwater Post Office:
Take a trip to nearby Hideaway Island. Here the family can relax, and swim with tropical fish, or take in the view from a glass-bottom boat. For something your kids are sure to love, you can also send a postcard home at the world’s first underwater Post Office.

Full credits to the Vanuatu Tourism Office