Things to do in Lifou

Arriving by ship to Lifou? There are plenty of ways to spend an idealic day on this beautiful South Pacific island.

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Wharf Side Markets

The locals of Lifou will greet you with big happy smiles as you wander through the open air markets where you’ll find unique souvenirs, arts and crafts. Sample some delicious island cuisine and enjoy the traditional Lifou song and dance performances. Take a short stroll through the nearby villages to see awesome tropical gardens and colourful traditional homes.

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Lifou Bingo

Snorkel in Jinek Bay

What better way to enjoy the world of snorkelling than in the beauty of Jinek Bay. It’s a short walk from the wharf and gives you some of the most stunning sights you’ll ever see underwater. With amazing marine ecologies that will take your breath away to the live coral filled bays with thousands of species floating around showcasing the beauty of nature under crystal waters.This is true underwater paradise.

Lifou Luka snorkel
Explore the Forest and Secret Grotto
Enjoying the landscape is one of the major benefits of coming to a place like this. Take part of a guided nature walk through the lush tropical forest where you will learn about the plants and history of the island and watch demonstrations of traditional hunting techniques. Then explore the deep caves of the Secret Grotto by torchlight where you’ll see spectacular coral formations. You’ll finish the tour with some fresh lemonade and fruit snacks at a local village home.

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Lifou cave


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