Top 5 activities with kids in New Caledonia

1. Swim and Snorkel at Yejele Beach

This is a jaw-dropping secluded beach just a short bus ride from the wharf. Younger kids in particular will enjoy the warm, shallow, crystal-blue water while older kids can discover exquisite colourful marine life. Parents can lie on the powder white sand, watching the kids play while enjoying music playing from speakers over beach. No need to pack your own lunch as beach huts sell local food, fruits and drinks.

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2. Tchhou Tchou Train Ride Around Noumea

For a fun family day with the kids in New Caledonia, this is a must-do if you’re in Noumea. Climb aboard the sunshine-yellow motorised train, and head through the city to the Notre Dame du Pacifique where you can enjoy complimentary fresh French pastries and stunning city views, chug past the stately colonial homes of the Faubourg Blanchot neighbourhood and enjoy the views of Noumea’s gorgeous beaches, parks and local life.

tchou-tchou-train-ride-noumea-travelling-with-kids-2 tchou-tchou-train-ride-noumea-travelling-with-kids-1

3. Island Discovery Tour, Isle of Pines

After watching a traditional tribal welcome dance, hop on a mini bus to explore the island with a local guide. You’ll pass through local villages and visit various landmarks such as the Notre Dame de l‘Assomption Church. The kids will love exploring the totems at the Statue of Saint Maurice in Saint Maurice Bay and they’ll get really excited when you visit the prison ruins!
All of the stops have wide spaces for the kids to run around and they’ll have a great time meeting the islands local children.

isle-of-pines-discover-tour-new-caledonia-travelling-with-kids-2 isle-of-pines-discover-tour-jail-new-caledonia-travelling-with-kids-1 isle-of-pines-discover-tour-new-caledonia-travelling-with-kids-1 isle-of-pines-discover-tour-new-caledonia-travelling-with-kids-3 isle-of-pines-discover-tour-new-caledonia-travelling-with-kids-5 isle-of-pines-discover-tour-new-caledonia-travelling-with-kids-4 isle-of-pines-discover-tour-new-caledonia-travelling-with-kids-6

4. Kuto Beach, Isle of Pines

Once you’ve finished the Island Tour of Isle of Pines, you can spend the rest of the day at the beautiful Kuto Beach, an unspoilt white-sand beach lined with lush palm trees. The kids can play with logs and coconuts or splash and swim in the amazing turquoise water; you can swim, sun or relax on the terrace at the beachfront restaurant and bar, enjoying a wine while watching the kids play. Choose from local food stalls in the back streets for lunch or call the kids up to restaurant for some local fish and chips!

kuto-beach-isle-of-pines-new-caledonia-travelling-with-kids-4 kuto-beach-isle-of-pines-new-caledonia-travelling-with-kids-3 kuto-beach-isle-of-pines-new-caledonia-travelling-with-kids-5

5. Snorkeling at Jinek Bay, Lifou Island

Just a short walk from wharf, this small cove is home to a colourful, amazing reef boasting a diverse variety of corals and unspoiled marine ecology. There’s a small hut selling snacks and drinks, and a viewing platform giving you and the kids a look into the marine wonderland and incredible coral, which hosts more than 2000 fish species. Kids can swim, snorkel or just chill out on the grassy hill full of palm trees, relaxing with you in the warm sunshine.