3 Must-Do’s in Mare

Yejele Beach Paradise
Head over to Yejele Beach for the jaw-dropping long stretch of white powdered sand, towering coconut palm and pine trees and the most dazzling crystal clear waters. Spend the day swimming and snorkelling in paradise as island music plays over the beach then feast on a local lunch from the beach stalls. A favourite is the traditional “Bougna” which is fish wrapped in banana leaves and cooked in coconut cream!

Mare 2014- yejele

Mare Saachi coco

Visit the Secret Natural Aquarium
Just a few kilometres from Tadine Wharf is the Secret Natural Aquarium, a truly amazing water sights set in beautiful bushland. This huge natural pool is loaded with tropical fish, turtles and other marine life.

Mare 2014- Luka snorkel

Swim in Rock Pools
There are lots of stunning grottos, caves and sink holes scattered around the island and you will find beautiful natural rock pools right by Tadine Wharf where you can swim in refreshing emerald water or hop off the small cliffs with the locals.

MARE 2014- rock pools3

Mare Kids

Mare 2014- Luka snorkel


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