Stay Ship Shape with Shannan Ponton

In November, Shannan Ponton returns to Carnival Spirit to hold his infamous Biggest Bootcamp at Sea plus his popular motivational seminar covering his ‘Secrets to a Healthy, Happy Life’. On this cruise (and when he returns in November on Carnival Legend) he’ll also be introducing a Nutrition seminar on board too. We talked to Shannan, to hear more about his tips for leading a healthy lifestyle.

Shannon Ponton

Making the decision to change your lifestyle to be healthier is never easy but it is simple. Eat less, eat clean and healthy and move more, SIMPLE. Often, the most difficult part is just getting started. Breaking old habits like eating too much fatty or sugary foods, inactivity and overindulging can seem like big hurdles, too hard to tackle. However, maybe something has happened in your life to cause you to take control over your health once and for all. Whether it is a serious health scare such as diabetes or heart disease or something as simple as not fitting into your old jeans, many people experience a “trigger moment” which causes them to take action and work toward a healthier life. Whatever your trigger moment, there are a few things to keep in mind when making a major lifestyle change.

Chopping vegetables

Choose a goal. Do you want to lose weight? Or maybe increase your physical endurance? Either way, choose a goal that is the best fit for you and that you’re compelled to achieve. Be realistic and give yourself attainable check points for your progress. This will be your greatest motivation on your journey, so be reasonable and try not to set yourself up for failure.

Goals must be specific, lose 5kg in 5 weeks, rather than ‘lose a few kg’s’. They must also be challenging, yet achievable.

Shannan Ponton Workout

Commit yourself. Make a verbal or written agreement, both to yourself and to one or two supporters in your life. This can be a friend, a partner or a close family member, whoever you know will support you on your journey and encourage you during the tough times. By making a commitment not only to yourself, but to others in your life will keep you motivated and accountable to your goal.

Commit to your goals, make the necessary sacrifices and don’t let yourself down. If you do, pick yourself up dust yourself off and rip back in.

Honey, lemon, ginger tonic and ingridients on wood

Identify and overcome obstacles. You know that when you get home from work, you’re going to be tempted to reach for whatever is in the fridge when you walk through the door. You want to get to the gym more, but you know you don’t have the energy after you finish work and pick the kids up from school. Think of obstacles you may encounter and come up with solutions before they present themselves. This may be stocking the fridge with healthy snacks or getting up a little earlier to hit the gym before you go to work in the morning. We all have obstacles that can threaten to get in the way of achieving our goals, but by identifying them early you can come up with ways to overcome them.

Set yourself up for success. Clean ALL the crap out of the fridge and pantry. Train first thing in the morning, so it’s done. Surround yourself with positive, likeminded people, they’ll bring you UP.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. So you may have overindulged on the weekend, that doesn’t mean you should sabotage the hard work you’ve already put in. If you have a bad day, don’t dwell on it. Tomorrow is a new day and an opportunity to get back on track. Forgive yourself for little slip ups, you’re only human and you’re allowed to make mistakes. What matters is how you move forward after.

Don’t be a victim it’s your life but we all make mistakes. Get straight back into positive version of you. Don’t dwell on the past.


Reward yourself. You’ve kept up with your new exercise regime for a few weeks and you’ve noticed the scale starting to tip in your favour – great work! To motivate you to continue on your journey, you’ve got to reward yourself for your hard work. Maybe it’s a new outfit or something as simple as taking the time to treat yourself to an at home spa day, do something for yourself that makes you feel good and encourages you to keep up the hard work.

As each goal is reached pat yourself on the back you deserve it. Reward yourself with a new pair of Asics or a massage….not a calorie laden, greasy meal.

By keeping these simple things in mind when embarking on a new lifestyle change, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your goals. In the end, it’s important to remember what made you want to make a change in the first place and be proud of your journey.

Look out for Shannan on Carnival Spirit on the 15th April and on Carnival Legend on the 26th November 2016.