5 signs you’re a Honeyboomer ™

“After the Honeymoon and the Babymoon, comes the Honeyboom – the first holiday without the kids. Once kids hit their mid-teens, parents are comfortable enough to take a well-deserved break from parenting to relax, reconnect, and have fun on their own terms.

Carnival has been investigating this group of fun-loving folk and has uncovered some interesting facts.

A survey of over 1,000 Australians with children over 13 found that 76% said they missed “just having fun with their partner” and 82% felt their relationship would benefit from a child free holiday.

Honeyboomer couples just want to have fun; they have raised their kids and it is time to reignite the spark, just the two of them. It’s a chance to rediscover the free-spirited, fun-loving couple that they were before reviewing homework and preparing family friendly dinners became the priority.

Relationship expert John Aiken said, “It is important for all couples to share experiences that are theirs alone – they have family experiences but it is important for couples to have special moments and memories that are just between the two of them.”

A Carnival cruise provides the perfect opportunity for Honeybooming couples. Everything is looked after and they can just kick back and enjoy.   There’s delicious food and hand-crafted cocktails, a range of engaging live entertainment and beautiful destinations to visit

Carnival have identified 5 signs that you may be a Honeyboomer

Are you a couple:

  1. that is OK going on holiday without the kids?
  2. that doesn’t act their age?
  3. that love to get out of your comfort zone to try new things?
  4. who enjoys embarrassing your teenage kids with your behavior?
  5. that is free spirited and doesn’t care what others think?

If any of these sound like you – you are a Honeyboomer and should take a break with your loved one. Check out the range of cruises that Carnival have on offer. Visit www.carnival.com.au for more information.